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Ann Arbor Medical Marijuana Patient Collective is an organization of patients, caregivers, medical doctors, attorneys, and concerned citizens working together to help patients receive fair and knowledgeable treatment under the Michigan Medical Marijuana Act.
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Medical Marijuana Strains

Source: Internet Posting

This is a list of strains used for medical reasons.

(Afghanica) Nausea, pain

(Afghanie x Haze) PMS

(AK-47) Pain, nausea, depression, insomnia, headache

(Alien Train Wreck) Asthma

(Apollo 13) Back pain

(Auntie Em) Crohn's Disease, MS

(Aurora B) Nausea, joint pain, arthritis

(Berry-Bolt) Insomnia, joint pain

(Big Bang) Used to sedate and relieve stress & anxiety amongst sufferers of severe anxiety,etc.(EDITED/ADDED by Apprentice.Source Greenhouse Seeds Co.)Cannabis cup winner, the reviews mention its medicinal properties.

(Big Kahuna) Herniated disc pain, arthritis

(Black on Blue Widow) HIV, back pain

(Black Vietnamese) Nausea, muscle spasms, pain

(Blue Fruit) Crohn's Disease, muscle spasms

(Blue Moonshine) Anxiety, depression, insomnia

(Blue Satellite x Jack Herer) Depression, nausea

(Blue Satellite) Pain, nausea, insomnia, anxiety, muscle tension

(Blueberry) Nausea, insomnia, pain

(Bog Sour Bubble) Pain, anxiety

(Bonzo Bud) Body pain, migraine

(Budacolumbia) Nausea

(Burmaberry) Migraine, depression

(Burmese kush) Anxiety, depression

(C99 x Great White Shark) Anxiety

(Cali-O) Nausea

(Catalyst) PMS

(Cinderella 99) Nausea

(CIT) Pain, nausea, insomnia

(Citral) Insomnia

(Cripple Creek) Ankylosing Spondilitis, Hepatitis C, Degenerative Disc Disease, IBS, Interstitial Cystitis, Chronic Rotator Cuff Disease

(Deep Chunk) Joint pain, insomnia

(Dynamite) Asthma, Crohn's Disease, Hepatitis C

(NYC Sour Diesel) Edema, epilepsy, fibromyalgia, radiculopathy

(El Nino) Nausea, insomnia

(Fieldale Haze) Anxiety, back pain

(Fig Widow) Back pain, psychosis

(Firecracker) Anxiety, depression, nausea

(G13 x HP) Nausea, joint pain, insomnia

(G-13) Depression, pain, ADD, ADHD

(Grapefruit) Arthritis, Hepatitis C, pain, nausea

(Green Queen) Epilepsy, neck/spine pain

(Green Spirit x Timewarp x Herijuana) RLS, insomnia, migraine, joint pain

(Green Spirit) Nausea, headache, body pain

(Herijuana x Trainwreck) Diabetic neuropathy, joint pain, insomnia, MS

(Herijuana) Pain, nausea, insomnia

(Ice Princess x Bubblegum) Migraine

(Jack Herer) Anxiety, fibromyalgia

(Juicy Fruit) Insomnia, joint pain, anxiety

(Kali Mist) Nausea, depression

(Kal-X) Body pain

(Killer Queen) Depression, back pain

(Krinkle x Kush x Freezeland) MS muscle spasms

(Leda Uno) Insomnia

(Legends Ultimate Indica x Herijuana) Muscle spasms, pain

(Legends Ultimate Indica) Insomnia, IBS

(Lemon Chemo) Insomnia, back pain, migraine

(Lemon Haze) RLS, chronic fatigue

(Lifesaver) Nausea, headache, pain, insomnia

(Lollipop) Cachexia, degenerative bone/disc disease, edema, general pain, general seizures, glaucoma, migraine, MS, nausea, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

(Lowryder) Nausea, pain, headache

(LSD) Nausea, anxiety, depression, headache

(M-39) Depression

(Magic Crystal) Migraine, PMS, depression, SADS, mania, nausea

(Mango x Northern Lights # 5) Pain, nausea, insomnia, anxiety

(Mango) Back pain, nausea

(Masterkush) Nausea

(Medicine Woman) Diabetic neuropathy, general pain, general seizures, glaucoma, Hepatitis C, muscle spasms, nausea, radiculopathy

(Misty) Hepatitis C, back pain, insomnia, nausea

(Motarebel Oguana Kush) Nerve Pain, muscle spasms, back pain, headache, insomnia

(Mountainberry) Insomnia, migraine, pain

(Northern Lights # 1) Arthritis

(Northern Lights # 2) Nausea, insomnia

(Northern Lights x Jamaican) Arthritis

(Northern Lights x Cinderella 99) Depression

(Northern Lights x Shiva) Body pain, back pain, toothache

(Northern Lights) Anxiety, radiculopathy, insomnia

(Northernberry) Pain

(Oregon 90) Insomnia, joint pain, RLS, pain, nausea

(Original Mystic) Epilepsy

(OG kush purple)

(Phaght Betty) Cachexia, degenerative bone/disc disease, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

(Queen Bee) Neck/spine pain

(Sensi Star) Migraine

(Shiskaberry x Dutch Treat) Migraine, anxiety, insomnia, nausea

(Shiskaberry x Hash Plant) Anxiety, nausea

(Skunk # 1) Nausea

(Snow White) PMS

(Sour cream) Insomnia, joint pain, nausea

(Stardust 13) Pain, nausea, insomnia

(Strawberry Cough) Back pain, depression

(Super Impact x AK-47) Pain, insomnia

(Super Impact) Nausea, insomnia, muscle pain, depression, anxiety, SADS, mania

(Super Silver Haze) Nausea, depression

(Super Thai) Depression

(Sweet Blu) Degenerative bone/disc disease, diabetic neuropathy, edema, fibromyalgia, muscle spasms, nausea, neck/spine pain

(Sweet Tooth # 3) Depression

(Trainwreck x Herijuana) Nausea

(Trainwreck) Anxiety, arthritis, diabetic neuropathy, depression

(TW x LUI) Arthritis, nausea

(TX) Arthritis, asthma, general pain, general seizures, glaucoma, MS

(Ultra Green) Insomnia

(Wakeford) Anxiety, nausea, insomnia

(White Rhino) Body pain, back pain, joint pain, insomnia

(White Russian) Pain, nausea

(White Widow x Big Bud) Depression

(White Widow) Cachexia, Hepatitis C, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


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